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The Nord product range is known both for its exceptional quality and for the bright red cases that house its instruments. The Nord Grand digital piano with elegant metal stand.

nord white grand

With the Nord Grand, Clavia has focussed their attention on the keyboard. It is the first Nord stage piano to assign three sensors to each note. And these meticulously track the movement of the hammers rather than keys. This, according to Clavia, results in the smooth dynamic touch of an acoustic grand piano. This system was developed specifically to emulate the touch and response of a grand piano, and is a completely spring-less assembly.

A triple pedalboard compliments the keyboard. This features Soft and Sostenuto pedals, and a unique Dynamic Sustain. When playing live, direct access to various functions is essential. The Nord Grand provides discrete controls for all the essential functions. It also provides seamless transitions when making program and performance set-up changes.

String Resonance is to be found on better digital pianos, and of course it features here. In simple terms, sample-based instruments play a separate sample for each note. And this is what the String Resonance feature recreates. The Nord Grand takes full advantage of the excellent Nord Piano Library with its comprehensive range of grand, upright, electric and digital pianos. The instrument is factory-loaded with 10 Grands, 9 Uprights, 10 Electrics, as well as Clavinet and other digital pianos from the library.

All banks can be replaced with other pianos as required. As is the way with digital stage pianos, other sounds are usually included.

nord white grand

Key parameters e. The new Nord Piano Monitors announced earlier this year can be connected directly to the Nord Grand for optimum nearfield listening. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The First Fleet Piano. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.For more informationcheck out the Nord website.

I love that Nord offers their downloads at no additional cost. They seem to look a little further down the road with regard to their customers.

Nord User Forum

Purchase a Nord, and a plethora of sounds open up to you at no additional cost and more will be added in the future. This type of goodwill toward their patron base makes me more likely to buy their hardware.

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Nothing against other companies, but it would be nice if Elektron and Sequential would do something similar. A semi-concert grand is a smaller piano, built like a grand for medium size venues. They are usually about 7 feet or so long, vs the 9 feet of a full grand. A lot of people have never played a Kawai digital piano with the real piano keys. I can tell you that this Nord will open an incredible action up to the masses.

It will be fantastic to play, as well as being one of the best choices you could make if you are controlling software pianos too. Considering the weight 46 poundsit will not have real piano keys.

Educated guess: same action as the MP7SE. OK, I have owned 20 digital pianos. It would be nice to know exactly what they are doing …. The MP11se is 62 lbs. Keep up the great work NORD. Skip to content. They are also the most common size in recording studios. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Covid : Latest status update from Sound Technology Ltd. Built in the s, it is a large grand with a shimmering sound and a lot of character.

The Nord White Grand is available for download now.

Nord Gospel Sessions: Kevin Powell \u0026 Glenn Gibson Jr - Hartford Funk

For more information please call or visit www. With four independent synthesizers in one, the Wave 2 is Nord's most powerful and versatile live performance synthesizer….

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nord white grand

Read more. Toggle navigation Sound Technology. Email Password Log in. Search: Search. Brands Musicians Blog News Events. Products News Events Case Studies. Nord Keyboards. More Nord Keyboards News. Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer now shipping With four independent synthesizers in one, the Wave 2 is Nord's most powerful and versatile live performance synthesizer….

Nord Sample Libraries - Symphobia Strings. Easily create custom samples with the new Nord Sample Editor v3. Introducing the Nord Wave 2. Nord presents the Rai Thistlethwayte Sessions.

More Music Retail News. AKG Lyra included in Podcast.Discuss any issues around Nord's keyboards, share your favorite patches, samples, and music. We are not affiliated with Clavia! Return to General Nord Forum.

Users browsing this forum: Schorsch and 4 guests. Skip to content. This is the right place if your topic concerns different Nord Keyboards, you are not sure which one is the right one for you, etc. The latest video of the Nord Grand has an intriguing chyron toward the beginning. What piano manufacturer is particularly known for white pianos?

Re: White Grand? Last edited by AlexNagel on Tue Apr 16, am, edited 1 time in total. Per from SampleTekk here.

nord white grand

Just to straighten things out: The White Grand is a old Malmsjo grand! Malmsjo pianos have a lovely sound and feel, and I'm liking how you've captured that in your demo. I note that you did not deny that the forthcoming Nord White Grand is based on your sterling efforts. What is that, a mythical beast from Greek mythology? White Grand - maybe we'll get a top-notch simulation of Liberace's board.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.Discuss any issues around Nord's keyboards, share your favorite patches, samples, and music.

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We are not affiliated with Clavia! Skip to content. Also check the Forum Rulesin particular rule 6 about the sharing of patches and samples. White grand is in my opinion best samle piano in Nord library, can u tell me its normal that hihg registry have relase its natural?

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Did you have it on your Nords? Im sorry if its silly question but it;s little wird meybe this piano have this natural relase. I wanna Ask did you have also this realse without use damper in high registry. Other question new string samples Synthfobia in my opinion are extremally bed. I hear some clicks, noises and starting loops in my opinion it's werry pure work and I'm dissapionted. Last thing 2 days ago my dis key in Nord Stage 3 88 first ver lose dynamic when i push him light then i dont hear the sound in servise say that my nord need clean, but im affraid that can be something serius, becouse some other kays have little different dynamic.

I really sad becouse I love Nord if you know what you do you can do maigic with this instrument, but in my opinion in instrument who cost so much money this is impermissible. Plesase share with me your opinions about this 3 subiect. Sorry for mistakes! Regards Schorsch Edits to this post were done to remove typos The best in music is not in the notes. Sorry but i wonder I have everything ok with my Nord.

Play any acoustic piano or good sample on any other instrument or library and you will hear the same thing. Dampers on the treble range are not common. Current gear: analogika hamburg The Drawbars — off jazz organ trio. It's little funny i played so many Pianos and concert grand and never thik about this - rally.

I have piano in my home but now i live far away from home so its impossible look this closer. What you think about this new string samples?Discuss any issues around Nord's keyboards, share your favorite patches, samples, and music.

We are not affiliated with Clavia! Return to General Nord Forum. Skip to content. This is the right place if your topic concerns different Nord Keyboards, you are not sure which one is the right one for you, etc. Re: White Grand?

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There hasn't been any official announcement of the hypothetic new Nord piano sample, we're just guessing from a glimpse of a promo video.

Even if a Nord White Grand is released, and even if it really is derived from Sampletekk's namesake instrument, I doubt an employee would lightly make such a flagrant leak on a public forum, openly speaking for his company. Then again, we'll see. I'm not losing sleep over this, to be honest. In the beginning, Nord also licensed some instruments that we had released earlier, but for a long time now, the instruments that we work with Nord on, are made exclusively for Nord.

Nord Adds ‘White Grand’ to Piano Library

It's up to Nord to release info about instruments that they release. That venerable sample fell off the factory load list after years of holding its place there on every new Nord release. Alas, no longer - even Clavia is tacitly admitting that she has seen better days. Now in her place you have the Velvet Grand muted cheers from the back row and of course the new flagship, the sample that can't be topped, the one we see on everything now - the Royal Crash Test Dummy 3-D!

Perfect for when you bring your Nord on an airplane, to noodle with headphones during those long flights to Kowloon.

Nord Grand Factory Sounds

Buy three seats, you'll need all the trays to support your Stage. Yeah, I thought releasing something as game-changing as the Nord Grand was a wee bit underwhelming when I saw THAT sample as the go-to in all the promo photos. They couldn't be bothered to craft a new Grand for their new Grand? We have five Yamahas in the mix now Nobody has yet purchased a NG which is when I would expect a new sample to be released, yet here we all are going on like the White Lady is a foregone conclusion.

How about waiting until the Instrument is actually released and in shops, or our hot-sweaty-palms if your wallet allows you, and THEN we can begin to critique the sampled instruments. Of course that doesn't mean to say I don't have a wishlist either - top of which would be a Bluthner Model 1.Instead of going to a physical store, people will order the majority of store-bought goods online, including food staples, paper products and cleaning supplies.

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